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hard drive data recovery services

September 8, 2011

Looking for  hard drive data recovery services ? Hard drive data recovery services include virtual recovery, logical recovery, physical recovery. Undeleted files, emptied recycle bin, and all type of errors on your hard drive. These services are offered by us and we provide you with accurate information.

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TechRx Wisconsin Data Recovery – Data Recovery

July 9, 2011

Summer in Wisconsin can bring interesting weather and when you hear your hard drive clicking, you are probably going to need a service called data recovery. Unlike other companies that say they do data recovery in Wisconsin, TechRx Inc. is prolific and does physical and logical repair. Many computer repair companies say data recovery but […]

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hard drive identity theft

May 3, 2011

In the latest news, hundreds of special analysts are examining the hard drives that Osama Bin Laden had in his compound. Analysts are combing through the hard drives for information that may be germane to national security, or offer tips about other Al Qaeda locations. How about your own hard drive national security?  Data stored […]

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file recovery vs. data recovery

December 5, 2010

File recovery is the term used when you accidently erase or delete a file from your system. Often, people may have accidents with their computers that cause certain files to vanish. I help people who loose photos, pictures, or files from their computer due to accidents. If you accidently delete a file from your computer, […]

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Maxtor Diamond Max 80 Plus

October 7, 2010

Often we find the Maxtor Diamond Max 80 Plus frustrating. This drive tends to have an issue where the heads stick to the platter. We have received a dozen of them in the last few weeks and noticed magnetic material stuck in the filters. All hard drives have a little filter in them. The goal […]

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Green Bay Wisconsin data recovery

October 7, 2010

Green Bay, WI has TechRx, a local data recovery company. This week, we focus on the Western Digital WD1600JS series drive data recovery. TechRx, Inc. of Green Bay, WI can help you save the data from your WD1600JS drive too. Our unique solutions for data recovery of the WD1600JS offer a solid chance for success. […]

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WD1600JB-00FUA0 data recovery Western Digital

October 5, 2010

Do you need data recovered from your WD1600JB-00FUA0? We can help. Contact us for a free estimate. We are located in Green Bay, WI. We provide data recovery to people in Wisconsin, Illinois, Arizona, and many other states too.

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Logical data recovery vs. physical data recovery

September 28, 2010

When your hard drive has trouble, there are two types of issues that can happen: logical and physical. Logical data recovery deals with issues such as deleted files; corrupt file systems; or bad sectors. These types of errors may cause problems when booting the computer. Logical data recovery is less expensive because the use of […]

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TechRx, Inc. in the news

September 4, 2010

TechRx, Inc. in the Green Bay Press Gazette – TechRx, Inc. 

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Why the clean room is a data recovery requirement

August 26, 2010

Why is a clean room important with respect to data recovery? A clean room can mean the difference between a successful data recovery and a horrific data recovery disaster. Clean rooms filter out many particles, including dust. Imagine how sand paper feels, got it? Would you want someone to use  that rough on your data? […]

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