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telephone systems

September 23, 2017

Businesses need phones that work. TechRx Inc. provides these phone systems, installation, and setup.  Working one on one with our clients, we achieve great success.  A single point of contact will meet with you. Then, TechRx will design the system to meet your business needs.  We program the entire system. TechRx will then deploy your […]

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FortiVoice FortiFone 470i Business Telephone

August 21, 2017

My client wanted a business phone system.  I provided them with Fortivoice.  Upon placing the first call, the quality was great! Another remark was how easy it was to use.  I setup their SIP phones, voicemail, and call features. Fortivoice really does the job well.  Imagine your next phone system trouble free. TechRx Inc. provides […]

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Dropped Western Digital external hard drive

April 5, 2014

Did you drop your western digital external hard drive? There are so many worries you may have, but TechRx, Inc. will help you with hard drive recovery. Make the right decision and use TechRx, Inc. to recover data from your dropped Western Digital external hard drive. Hard drive recovery checklist 1)         Turn of the drive right […]

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Corporate Network Solutions: Networking Business Success Story

January 18, 2014

Corporate network solutions provided by TechRx can help any organization step into modern technology and with amazing results.  Does the idea of never having to wait for a slow network, or reboot computers constantly sound like an amazing utopian thought?  Sounds simply crazy, but TechRx clients never wait for their network access.  TechRx can do […]

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4 Ways to Fix a Physically Broken Hard Drive

January 3, 2014

How to Fix a Physically Broken Hard Drive Be warned and afraid too: this information is provided for use at your own risk and should only be used to make a bad hard drive situation worse and ready for the recycle bin. Never hurts to try anyway though, right? So here are 4 ways to […]

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mac hard drive recovery

December 27, 2013

Mac hard drive recovery Hard drive crashes are no laughing matter and when you need mac hard drive recovery, TechRx Inc. can help.   Our technicians are mac hard drive recovery experts and will recover the data off the hard drive on your computer.  TechRx can help you recover deleted files from your Mac too.  File […]

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data recovery specialist

October 27, 2013

Data recovery is similar to  brain surgery, feel like trying some remedies off the internet still?  It requires a highly skilled technician to repair damaged hard drives and get data back.  As a result, data recovery is costly; it should be used when you have data that you are serious about. Data Recovery is not […]

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Piano Tuning

October 8, 2013

Imagine the sounds, the roar, the giant sound coming from the family piano. Every note in perfect tune and every single unison flawless.  Wait! most pianos never sound that way because owners do not invest time into their pianos.  A piano has roughly 230 strings and each one holds a great deal of tension, but […]

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Hard drive recovery diagnostics

October 3, 2013

Hard drive recovery by TechRx includes diagnostics of your hard drive for no cost.  TechRx Inc. uses automated hard drive recovery tools to examine PCB’s, Heads, and firmware of your hard drive. By utilizing technology from Atola to automate the hard drive recovery process, we are able to offer greater value and response time.  TechRx […]

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Data Recovery Green Bay

October 2, 2013

Hard drive crash in Green Bay, WI?  The holiday is coming soon, but TechRx Inc. can do data recovery in Green Bay, WI before.  Clicking hard drive in Green Bay, WI is no problem for TechRx Inc. Our experts recover data from crashed hard drives, and perform data recovery daily.  Take a look at our […]

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