Dropped Western Digital external hard drive

by Jason Davies on April 5, 2014

Did you drop your western digital external hard drive? There are so many worries you may have, but TechRx, Inc. will help you with hard drive recovery. Make the right decision and use TechRx, Inc. to recover data from your dropped Western Digital external hard drive.

Hard drive recovery checklist

1)         Turn of the drive right away and do not attempt to power it on and off

2)        Make a note of what happened when the drive was dropped.  Did the drive start to click?

3)        Write down the model number of the drive.

4)        Do not let your friends “Attempt” to get the drive working, they will only make it worse and destroy data.

hard drive clean room hard drive clean room

Most hard drive dropping causes physical damage to the components inside the hard drive.  Therefore, it is not worth trying various experiments on the drive if data is important. These include freezing the hard drive, because doing so causes damage to the platters and can further cause irreversible data loss.  This is was a bad idea someone published on the internet years back and has harmed thousands of hard drives.

TechRx will properly diagnose and test a dropped drive without causing harm.  Our equipment is designed specifically for hard drives and eliminates guessing and bad choices.  Dropping your external hard drive can be really scary but TechRx Inc. is here to help you out. TechRx, Inc. will accept external hard drives for estimates anytime. Please give us a call or email to schedule.  There is no need to wory, TechRx will process your drive quickly and let you know an exact price. 920.884.1195. Or contact us by clicking here.

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right hard disk September 20, 2012 at 11:56 pm

I purchased G technology external hard drive 3 years ago it definitely worked as expected. The design is brilliant and it mounts itself when booted.
The seem is perfect and it’s a LED backlighting segment which is white in colour. This drive is quite bigger in dimension as it truly is mainly a desktop drive. There are actually four types of information connectors within the rear of the drive. This drive has a sound construction and the cooling of those drives gives confidence. I’d definitely propose this drive to my friends.

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