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by Jason Davies on October 27, 2013

Data recovery is similar to  brain surgery, feel like trying some remedies off the internet still?  It requires a highly skilled technician to repair damaged hard drives and get data back.  As a result, data recovery is costly; it should be used when you have data that you are serious about. Data Recovery is not something every computer store can do; it requires an expert who is trained in data recovery.

Each hard drive has unique features that tie it to the specific components on a drive.  The printed circuit board (PCB) is a board attached to the hard drive that many people think they can “swap” if something goes wrong.  Before ever attempting to swap parts you need to ask, “Do I know enough about electronics that my actions won’t damage this drive?”  The reality is you probably don’t have a clue about the components on the PCB.  Capacitors, resistors, diodes, fuses, and ROM chips are some of the electronics on the PCB.  The ROM module stands for Read Only Memory and that means they contain information that is important for the function of the drive.  In fact, some drives will make clicking sounds without the right ROM information.

When you swap a PCB and the drive continues to click do you know what to do next?  Familiar with a ROM programmer and do you know what modules you need to rebuild a corrupt ROM module?  Hard drive components have many numbers on them too.  What happens if you put the wrong size capacitor on a circuit that cannot handle additional current?  The answer is you will blow up the device and you could potentially take out the pre-amp and hard drive heads in the process.

What you don’t know can hurt you even when you think you know the answer or Google it.  The more important question is how can you guarantee you are making the right move with components?  The answer is you don’t know without thousands of hours experience, training, and expert guidance.  Just because you read something on the internet about putting a hard drive in a freezer doesn’t mean it works for a modern hard drive.

The internet is great but much of the information is not recent.  The advice about freezing a hard drive came from a computer technician who found out that freezing certain types of metal will cause it to contract.  This was done over a decade ago too when drives were 200 megabytes in size not 2 and 4 terabytes.   The drives of old fit 200MB in the same space that is now occupied by a factor of 10000.

TechRx Inc. is a data recovery company and we are expensive and will never compromise quality to save a buck.  While you can find cheap places on the internet to fix a hard drive, you will never find an expert like Jason Davies.  There is a difference between a lost file and a drive that needs a delicate operation. I know if I had a serious health issue I would not bargain shop for my doctor, more than likely the best in the industry. Western Digital drives are welcome. This includes larger Western Digital one, two, or even three terabyte drives that are not recognized.

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