Hard drive recovery diagnostics

by Jason Davies on October 3, 2013

Hard drive recovery by TechRx includes diagnostics of your hard drive for no cost.  TechRx Inc. uses automated hard drive recovery tools to examine PCB’s, Heads, and firmware of your hard drive. By utilizing technology from Atola to automate the hard drive recovery process, we are able to offer greater value and response time.  TechRx Inc. simply needs to receive your hard drive at our headquarters and will examine the drive the same day we receive it for recovery.

Please contact us here to setup a new hard drive recovery case and TechRx will provide you the information you need to safely ship us a hard drive for recovery.  I work with Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba, and Samsung hard drives.  My recovery success is greater than 95% for 2013 with great success in Western Digital recovery.  TechRx has a class-100 clean room for examination of hard drives and diagnostics.

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