Tree falling hard drive recovery

by Jason Davies on November 7, 2012

Once and while you hear about a hard drive that was dropped or falling from a high place right?  TechRx can recover data from hard drives dropped.  As a professional hard drive data recovery center, we open up your drive to determine the problems it has.  Many places just hire geeks, and that is fine if you want to pay high prices for guess work.  Data recovery requires surgical precision and TechRx delivers experience.  As long as you send me your drive for a free evaluation I will give you an exact price quote.  While many data recovery providers give you a range I am not going to do that. Part costs are determined per drive. The bottom line is that we recover data and our company does it well.  Our clients are happy because we work with them to get the most amount of data for the most reasonable price.  If you want the lowest price, you obviously have no serious need for data recovery.

For example, this one time a person decided to get quotes from various doctors on what it would cost to treat their heart attack.  Sounds pretty crazy right? Yes, we receive hundreds of phone calls each week asking us how much it costs.  Each person we deal with on a case by case basis and say the same thing:  we need to see the drive to evaluate it.  In fact, if you email us and say that you hooked your drive up to your computer and heard it clicking, then let it run for a day to see if it would stop, we will certainly be unable to help you.

One person opened up their hard drive and decided to rinse the platter off with water. If you do that we can help you and yes it will cost over one thousand dollars. No, we are not insane, crazy, or weird. That is just reality.

Bottom line:  TechRx, honesty and results.

Also, TechRx is able to recover photos off hard drives. Here is a picture of a tree that we recovered.

tree on the bay of green bay


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