Lightning strike photo

by Jason Davies on September 21, 2012

Green Bay had a wild storm blow through Wednesday 9/19/2012 and I thought I would share a picture of it.  TechRx Inc. helped several people the following day with computer problems due to the storms.  If you need computer repair, TechRx is here to help.  It is also a good time to let you know that TechRx does insurance write-ups too.  TechRx Inc. will examine a damaged computer system and help determine the cause of the failure.  We then compile a report for your insurance agent documenting cause, fair market replacement cost, and costs associated with data recovery.

If you enjoy this photo, please write a message on our blog wall.  TechRx will also sell full sized prints of this image without watermark. Our photo capability includes canvas prints too.  Please email us to find out more details and pricing.

lightening photo
Lightening Green Bay WI

Lightening Storm




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