Western Digital Caviar Stuck Heads WD1600EVT-22ZCTO

by Jason Davies on September 13, 2012

Case Study:
Client presented a Western Digital WD1600EVT-22ZCTO to TechRx Inc. after several other computer companies tried various methods to extract data from the drive.  The computer companies mentioned they used a USB device and received several blue-screens while attempting to recover data from the drive.  The second computer company removed the USB drive from the enclosure and made the determination the drive was “fried.”

Ok, enough about case studies and technical details. The point here is the client brought this hard drive containing great deal of photos, 140GB worth to a few places in hopes of recovering data. The problem is that this was never going to work.  Upon receiving the drive, I brought the drive into our class-100 cleanroom for examination.  The first thing I saw was that the “heads” that read data from the drive were stuck to the platter.  Obviously, data was not going to come off this drive (at least not easily).  I used a proprietary technique that I developed to resolve the sticking problem.  I did not change out the read/write head and I was able to recover 98% of data on this drive.  Obviously, there were some problems where the head was stuck.  That said, I still had good success at reading parts of the damaged area.  The factor of success in this situation was due to the WD1600EVT being a 160GB hard drive, rather small by modern standards.  This means information was not jam packed onto the platter and provided for a bit of extra wiggle room.

I moved the stuck head back to the ramp (that orange thing in the picture below) and started the imaging process.  Despite the fact other computer companies tried to recover data everything turned out well.  This is why you should choose TechRx Inc. FIRST before you let someone else play with your photos and memories and important data. 920.884.1195 or contact us today. We offer no obligation quotes. So there is NO excuse!

hard drive WD1600EVT hard drive open cover

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