Data Recovery so inexpensive, you can get your memories back and still eat

by Jason Davies on September 2, 2012

Do you ever get the feeling something is too good to be true?  Data Recovery is one of those areas where things have to cost thousands of dollars to get good results, right? WRONG! TechRx client’s always get the good deal.  Generally that deal means you get what you pay for.  Jason Davies (that’s me) is an expert data recovery engineer and technology and life savant. Ok enough bragging, the point is that I enjoy what I do but I run into a lot of people that simply can’t afford to pay thousands for data recovery.

I also realize that 90% of hard drives don’t need a clean-room.  There is also the 10% that does, but usually for stuck-heads and honestly, I came up with an engineering method to resolve head issues in a short time period. We all know time equals money right?  This new top-secret data recovery method allows me to save literally dozens of hours a week on drive repairs.  This means I can provide professional and knowledgeable hard drive data recovery at a  $300 rate. Crazy, right?  Oh, by the way – TechRx does have a clean room located in our Green Bay, WI office. We are hardcore serious too. Yes, some drives may have very serious issues and cost more, you have been warned!

Secondly, it is never good to mess with emotions. I still remember the day a gentleman brought me a MAC hard drive.  With a tear in his eye, he said “this is all I have of my child’s photos.”  I promised him I would get his data back and I did. Two days later I provided him 100% of his data ready to go.  Let me tell you, that put a smile on his face.  Technology is life changing and so is TechRx.  Let me help change your life by getting your memories, data, information, pictures back.  This is the new flat-fee pricing by TechRx Inc.

What is the catch, because everyone has to have a catch right?  Yes, since I started this offer I literally have been swamped with baby photos, birthday parties, weddings, and the occasional pirate suit!   Of course there is a $100 fee to diagnose your drive. What you have to do is send your hard drive to TechRx, pay a small fee and I will take a quick look at it to determine if the data is recoverable at a logical price. This means (firmware problems, deleted files, missing photos etc.)  If it requires us to open up the drive in our clean room, it will be a few bucks extra.

Now, if we can save your data for the flat-fee, since you already paid the $100 deposit, it will only cost $200 when you pick up your data or have us mail it back to you. See, that’s simple!  Once I get your data, we need to do something with it.  You can buy a hard drive from me, send one that is GOOD, or download your data from our server (if it is under a certain file size.)  I look forward to helping you out without breaking the bank and I really appreciate all of you who are keeping me really busy.  It is great to meet folks just like you from all over the US, and a few countries across the ocean too.  Wishing you the best and looking forward to serving.  If you want to get your hard drive looked at, just email me or fill out the contact form by clicking here.

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