What is a root kit?

by Jason Davies on July 29, 2012

Computer viruses are annoying and many people learn that lesson by personal experience. A root-kit is a type of virus that tries to survive on your computer after removal. A root-kit in the most basic terms is a secret virus that digs itself into your computer files in such a way that is it typically not detected by anti-virus software. It may add itself to a file on your computer. It may add to a file that is required to make your computer work. In the most simple terms though it will hide within your computer. A good example is when you run a virus scan and then remove the infections. The moment you reboot, the infection is back. This is because the virus has the ability to hide and dig into your system.  The term used to describe this is stealth. Similar to the stealth airplane that hides from radar.

The goal of a root kit is to hide from detection or perhaps, fool the antivirus program from detecting it. This way, the virus is able to prolong its life and ravage your computer system. One should not ignore a slow computer, because a root kit could access your system and steal information.  It could also permit a hacker to log into your system and cause more problems.

The removal of a root kit is not simple and easy.  Many root kits will take over drivers that control your system.  If you remove them, your computer may not boot.  TechRx Inc. removes root kits every day and we have a great deal of experience.  Generally, it takes us about one hour to clean up an infected computer system and return it to great working order.  If you would like our help just give us a call, or email.


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