Everyone has computer problems, right?

by Jason Davies on June 2, 2012

Everyone has problems with their business computer technology right?  Wrong! TechRx Inc. clients rave about the service they get.  TechRx Inc. provides onsite business technology support in a variety of industries.  Many of my clients have my cell phone number in case they need to call me. But here’s the thing, they don’t have to.  When I implement a technology solution for a client it just works.

Here is another thing that I know works, honesty. I believe in telling clients that I am expensive and here is the reason why. Everyone tends to blindly pickup phone not knowing what they are looking for and so it boils down to cost. They look for the lowest cost option and then get burnt when the situation turns bad. The next thing that happens is they call the next guy asking for price again and then wanting them to undo all of the damage caused by the first guy.  If the company is big enough, they tend to get referrals from their accounting staff about going only to one large conglomerate. The customer ends up disappointed because the referral only benefited the party making it.

Several months ago I spoke to a business about their technology. While I was in their office on a non-technology related matter, they complained their system was slow.  I let them know that I am a hurricane when it comes to information technology. That means I blow into a business and uncover all the hidden causes of technology issues. These issues generally are related to underperforming IT people, or perhaps, uninformed IT.  I also look at equipment and make sure it is appropriate for the environment. More often than not, IT “guys” pick equipment off the shelf at a big box store and implement without any consideration of the clients need.

For example, would you want your mortgage broker using a small office wireless router to transfer your confidential credit information?  Would you want the server in your office to shut off when the power goes out? Would you want to risk a fine for not being compliant with federal regulations? The answer is OF COURSE NOT! The reality though is that EVERYBODY breaks the rules and the only time it matters is when they GET CAUGHT.

Jason Davies (that’s me by the way) of Techrx, Inc. will catch the technology problems BEFORE you end up with serious side-effects.  Imagine spending thousands of dollars because you think a new server is going to solve your problems, only to find out the issue still exists.  Did you know that has happened to numerous new clients of mine?

Failure to plan is planning on wasting A LOT of MONEY.  TechRx, Inc. can evaluate your network, business, and IT professional.  I also evaluate CTO’s (chief technology officers), Information System departments, and technology coordinators. I deal ONLY with CEO’s, Partners, presidents, and decision makers.  I help them discover waste, money poorly spent, and of course, employee effectiveness.

OK, that is all I am going to tell you for now. Since you want to make good decisions call me and let’s talk about how I can help you put an end to IT storm.

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