Meet Jason, Intimidating enough to get the job done without making your staff cry

by Jason Davies on May 22, 2012

I’m Jason with TechRx, Inc. in Green Bay. I have several qualities that help me get things done. The first one is that people say I am intimidating. Personally, I believe I am a nice guy – but I’ll go with the opinions of others. Personally, I think I am more relentless than anything.

The problem with business in this slow, weak, dainty economy is that owners cannot afford to just let employees do whatever they want whenever they want. Expectations need to be set, goals need to be made, and most importantly they need to be executed with a deep and unwavering sense of urgency.

How many of you are afraid to talk to your employees because you worry they will blow up at you?  Do you avoid arguments to keep the peace? Do you suffer anxiety because you have to go home and tell your wife or husband that you are managing a difficult situation at work and just can’t handle it?  By can’t handle I mean, you are afraid to step in due to retaliation?

I hate excuses and the industry that hardened me for hating them was the information technology industry here’s why. Many people make technology appear to be a 900lb gorilla in the room. Look at it the wrong way and it will simply implode.  The fear of the unknown is a great way to scare someone who is impressionable, correct?

TechRx, Inc. doesn’t waste time with excuses.  TechRx, Inc. fixes problems and does so in a manner that resolves problems quickly.  TechRx, Inc. doesn’t sit around on hold while someone on the phone pages through an instruction manual on the phone. TechRx, Inc. does not fear technology we are the “Chuck Norris” of the information technology world. For those of you who don’t grasp the concept, Chuck Norris played a character on the show, Walker Texas Ranger.  Common consensus on the internet is that Chuck Norris has this amazing ability to look problems in the eye and end them.

Do you have an employee who riddles excuses at you?  Jason Davies has the great ability to work with individuals to determine their real problem. Are excuses simply a lack of self-confidence, or are they part of a deeper problem that needs substantial intervention. Many companies use me to intervene in areas they do not have the expertise to handle.

In one situation, my job was to help rearrange technology in a radio station. I acquired the name, Jason the hurricane by day two on the job. The reason for this was the amount of change that occurred on day one sent shockwaves across the organization so much so that everyone started stepping up.

Do you want this type of success in your company?  Of course you do but you are afraid of change and what people will think. You are starting to think, “Wow, this guy is intense.” Keep in mind you are just reading a blog on the internet. Once you meet the real Jason Davies of TechRx, Inc. you will be blown away and probably for two reasons: 1) You will meet an amazingly bright and enterprising individual that has a vast knowledge of numerous areas of leadership. 2) You will be blow away by the amount of change you will be able to implement in a very short period of time. Questions? Call me 920.884.1195.

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