Checkdisk is bad

by Jason Davies on March 4, 2012

Heard the news that you should clean up your hard drive now
and again? Keeping your data in tip top shape does require a little maintenance
from time to time, but I want to let you in on a huge secret you will only find
out from a data recovery professional – Check Disk Kills!

Check Disk is a program that many of you have on your
Windows based computer. This tool is intended to scan your hard drive looking
for bad spots. It has an option to auto fix your drive, and if you happen to
shut down improperly check disk will come to your rescue. You may be prompted
to run this program when you insert a thumb drive that was improperly removed
from a computer.

Check disk has risks and you need to be prepared. Your
computer will prompt you to run the program, and will require you to run the
program when it senses the previous shutdown was ill timed. It will search
every sector of your hard drive and when it finds the spot that is bad; it will
grind away for hours. There is no turning back so when you think it is doing
its job; it could be destroying the very data you want to protect.

Hard drives are susceptible to physical damage and no
software is going to help rebuild a damaged drive. What running Check Disk can
do is to cause your drive commit failed sectors to reallocated spots on your
hard drive. This behavior is built into the hard drive, but sometimes it
requires a catalyst to start the event.  The problem with this behavior is that there
are only x number of spots data can be reallocated, and when they are used up
your drive will crash. Once your hard drive crashes, you face the choice to use
expensive data recovery services to recover your data or live without

The best thing you can do to improve your hard drive play it
safe. Do not let Windows automatically assume it should run scan disk. If the
problem is so serious your computer will not boot – STOP. Call a professional
and get an expert opinion. Risk taking is not something you should do with
years of memories; or precious photos or music.
Techrx in Green Bay, WI is a progressive technology and data recovery
company. Terrifically focused on getting the job done and preventing issues
before they turn into serious problems.

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