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by Jason Davies on November 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It is that time of year again, the stress of the holiday season.  Actually, if you take the time to call TechRx, Inc. to setup your data backup solution, this Christmas season can be one of joy and relaxation. Many businesses need to make year-end planning solutions and the best one would be a good backup system. Think about how important your accounting records are and what you would do if you lost them!

It goes something like this: One day you are inputting all your year end financial data and then the next minute, CRASH! I typically receive a phone call from a business owner that sounds something like this: “My previous technology company did a horrific job protecting my data and now it is time for a change.” This is actually quite¬†unfortunate. Imagine how you would feel if I rephrased it like this, ” The doctor who just cut me open did a really lousy job and now I need a new physician.” Sounds quite worrisome¬† now that it relates to a personal human factor, doesn’t it? Well, that is the way the technology world typically goes and that is where TechRx Inc. is different.

I believe every business should know about the devastation that can be caused by a backup failure. What happens when a fire strikes our data center? Just a few months ago, floods hit Thailand and many hard drive manufacturers were under many feet of water. This caused an overnight price increase of nearly 300% on hard drives. Ok the point I am trying to make here is that it is better to think now than it is to think what if later.

TechRx, Inc. will help you figure out what risks you have. For example, is your backup solution old? Does your backup software actually back up important data; or is it on “set it and forget it mode?” Secondly, we will work with you and retrieve a few sample files from your existing backup. The only way to know if it will work, is to try it.

TechRx, Inc. can help your business with other contingencies too. Imagine if a pipe burst in your office and your server was flooded? This all may sound like drastic outcomes but the reality is that it COULD HAPPEN TO YOU! Without TechRx, Inc. I promise you will get other computer sales people who will come into your office and sound great. You will be promised a solution that will just work, years of experience by a vast technical team, and of course a sales person that will support you if things go wrong. I also realize that you will consider the lowest price and the best promise. After all, your priceless accounting data is only worth how much? That is right; TechRx Inc. will help you with data reality. The cost of data includes employee hours, research, legal fees, etc.

Next time you consider jumping on board with a commercialized technology provider because a brand name sounds great; consider what happens when things fail. Do you think the technician who is working on your project will care? Do you have time to jump through phone extensions and try to find someone who will validate your complaint? Obviously, corporations will bring
you a big image but as you start to understand scale, you will realize that bigger simply means that more people are in the way of you getting results.

Should something really bad ever happen with your backup, TechRx, Inc. provides data recovery services. It only takes one employee to hit the delete key and your data is toast. In closing, most technology companies hire technicians who have very little training, and they rotate through technology people rather quickly. On the other hand, Jason Davies of TechRx, Inc. has well over 20,000 hours. Yes, 20,000+ hours of experience in technology and all it involves. When your backup needs to work because your livelihood depends upon it, call TechRx, Inc. 920.884.1195.

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