Virus removal cold and flu

by Jason Davies on November 14, 2011

Green Bay Wisconsin is a great city to pick up a computer virus! Did you know TechRx, Inc. receives numerous phone calls each week
regarding: How did my computer get a virus?  Sounds quite interesting does it not? (Insert highly dry humor here).  The reality is I wanted to just touch on the topic of virus removal and why it necessary for some people more than others.

A computer virus is similar to a human virus in that a virus will move from one computer to another. This replication process is similar to
how a human virus moves from one host to infect another.  Some humans have stronger immune system response though and do not get infected.  The same can be said for your computer system. Some people do certain things to their computers and this permits a
greater ability for a virus to proliferate.

During the cold and flu season humans will do what they can to protect themselves. Often the protocol involves drinking lots of Orange
juice. Perhaps, bundling up when it is cold outside and making sure to wear a hat. Hospitals say you should cover your mouth to prevent the spread of germs and frequent hand washing is a must.

Now you realize the average human takes a great deal of care to avoid a virus, but do you protect your computer the same way? Many people say, “I have antivirus software – this should be enough.” They are dead wrong.  Just having antivirus software is similar to drinking Orange juice. It is one step in the right direction, a prophylactic, or preventative measure.

Computers that are connected to the internet have a large number of front doors. Every extra door your computer has is a gateway for
trouble. By not having a lock on those extra doors, you make your computer more vulnerable. Some examples of doors include: Social Networking, Music Downloading Programs, toolbars, lack of appropriate updates, out of date antivirus software. While I only listed a few possibilities, there are many more.

In general, a computer contracts a virus because one of the factors I listed in the aforementioned paragraph fall victim.  They are exploited, manipulated, or simply allowed to enter the computer at a blind mouse click.

The best way to avoid a computer virus is to have a professional examine your computer system and then seal up all of the entrances
into your computer.  I could share many ways to do this, but the reality is that only a professional computer technician will stay on top of all of the possibilities, and there are many.  If you need assistance keeping your computer virus free in Green Bay this cold and flu season, please give TechRx, Inc. a call.

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