Human psychology and the service sector

by Jason Davies on August 15, 2011

When selecting a technology service business, there are numerous psychological factors to consider; these factors can influence the final decision making process.  This is the reason why the average buyer should be paying attention to the facts. It is easy to influence an outcome by providing emotional triggers but facts are generally accepted as truth.

Do you go to a website and notice how popup ads are the first thing you may see? I can imagine for some it is difficult to avoid clicking on them because there is a message that seems tempting. For example, if you see a message pop up that says, “Your Computer is Infected.” this may lead to triggering an instant action.  The result is that a malicious software company may profit from you.

With computer services it is easy to fall prey to temptation. Most people call computer service providers and ask, “What does virus removal cost.” The reality is most computer companies realize people are cost conscious and will divert attention away from numbers. This is why simply calling a computer repair company may yield you bad results and poor customer service.  Respect builds respect and the feeling is mutual.

Therefore, human psychology is a hard wired reaction people have to sales in general. These hard wired reactions may lead people into making bad decisions.  What seems like a good deal could actually be high pressure sales. Perhaps, a price seems overly expensive; without asking the necessary why questions, you may end up losing out on quality. The reality is that interaction makes the productivity occur. This is why the most successful people have mentors. When two or more people are gathered for a common goal, the decision process is easier.

My hope is that the next time you need computer repair; you will ask more than a few questions. Ask the person how they feel about technology.  Try something like, “Will your employees take off their shoes when entering my home.” The truth is in the facts, so start fact finding! TechRx, Inc. is a consulting and computer repair firm in Green Bay, WI.  Servicing data recovery clients all over the globe is our specialty. You can reach us at 920.884.1195.

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