The Economic Decline and Technology

by Jason Davies on August 5, 2011

I realize politics and business should not go hand and hand. However, I was trying to think of something with good content for this blog tonight and this is it. The United States is suffering an economic decline and technology may be a solution to get us out of trouble. Technology helps solve a lot of issues, could it be the missing link?

The house and senate certainly made our week start off interesting with respect to the debt-ceiling. Why did the market reflect negotiations almost immediately? It reacted because of technological improvements that enable almost instant communication between people and their government. When adverse situations occur the policy use to be keep quiet and hope the issue will pass. Unfortunately, with the advent of computers, the internet, and other technological inventions communication is almost instant. When bad news happens, it spreads quickly.

President Obama encouraged the citizens of the US to “tweet” their representatives via Twitter this past week. The idea behind this was to put pressure on certain people in order to put focus on the weak.  Do you think it is possible technology could be used to put positive emphasis on situations in order to ascertain a different outcome?  Why does our President encourage the use of Social Media? I believe social media provides a dangerous window into the opinion of many. Perhaps, people are highly influenced by group activity and that is why social media is able to change minds quickly.

I believe many issues and circumstances are responsible for the proliferation of chaos in the United States. Can technology help us put more emphasis where it is needed or is it simply a tool that keeps costing money?  Should we continue to spend our time debating Republican vs. Democrat or could we use technology forums to discuss resolutions for America?  My opinion is that when people collaborate, they are better able to create plans. Once an effective plan is in place, it should not be difficult to ensure success will ensue.  

My ten dollars on the entire idea is that outside the box is the new forward looking statement. Imagine what might happen if the wrong steps are taken today.  Ten years ago, it was inconceivable to picture the United States having a lowered credit rating. When you think something cannot happen, take a moment to ponder the reality of the word change. Technological inventions have changed the way we think and to some point, it might make us loose objectivity.   Instead of falling for obvious, I challenge each one of you to think outside the box.  What is your opinion?

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