Technology Service Contracts

by Jason Davies on July 21, 2011

A Technology service contract is a necessary evil, but should you prepay for services in the future? In this market, many companies are seeking innovative ways to save money. Conversely, technology companies may be looking for unique ways to generate money, but is the customer always first priority?

Have you ever retained a lawyer? Perhaps you are familiar with the process.  When you hire legal counsel on a retainer agreement, the lawyer may present you with an agreement that outlines what work they will and will not do under agreement. The details will include the cost per hour for work. It may offer some type of service that may seem like value at first glance.

Similar to a retainer agreement, technology service contracts, or service blocks are a great way to save some money on computer repairs. You write out one big check and your computer company will fix problems anytime you call right?  The idea of prepaid service means you should pay less for more. However, if there is a technology issue, will the provider reply promptly? Personally, I find hourly arrangements lend themselves to a better level of service quality.

When you sign up for a technology service agreement, make sure the contract outlines specific details relevant to your company.  If you expect service the moment you make a call, ask specifically about emergency response.  Think about the potential savings and determine if it provides enough value to justify. Does the service block have an expiration date that you might end up losing money with?  Never spend what you cannot afford to lose and be sure the company you are working with is solvent. Ask for references of other service block holders to make sure the service is what you expect. Just a few simple questions may save you a great deal of cash.

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