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by Jason Davies on July 9, 2011

Summer in Wisconsin can bring interesting weather and when you hear your hard drive clicking, you are probably going to need a service called data recovery. Unlike other companies that say they do data recovery in Wisconsin, TechRx Inc. is prolific and does physical and logical repair. Many computer repair companies say data recovery but what they really mean is: we can get your data as long as the drive works. When TechRx Inc Wisconsin says we can get your data recovery done, we mean even if the drive is clicking, broken, flood damaged, or burnt.

I am Jason Davies with TechRx, Inc. of Wisconsin. I specialize in development of highly proprietary practices to ensure data recovery success. An interesting bit of research and development this week was to solve a problem involving contaminated hard drive heads. Hard drive heads read data from magnetic drive platters. Often, these heads become corrupted due to partical matter that causes damage. In return, your hard drive crashes. In more specific terms it means that the hard drive head experienced an abnormality that caused a misalignment. These misalignments can cause the head to move off of where it reads data, sometimes regular computer technicians will try to get data only to cause more problems.

TechRx Inc in Wisconsin will perform data recovery on your drive and increase the likelihood of a successful recovery. Often, the first attempt is the only chance you will get, and that is why it is important to have your drive evaluated by TechRx Inc. of Wisconsin first. TechRx Inc. of Wisconsin has class-100 capabilities and is upgrading our equipment to class-10 within the next few months of 2011. As data recovery becomes more  complex, TechRx Inc. is increasing our capabilities with more advanced systems.

TechRx can examine your drive within a short period of time and we do things most other companies can’t. TechRx of Wisconsin is your outside-the-box data recovery company. If you did take your drive elsewhere, and they failed, call TechRx. 920.884.1195 or use our contact form for your no obligation quote.

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