Computer Infected with a virus? How to tell.

by Jason Davies on July 4, 2011

How do I know if my computer has a virus?

Often, it is difficult to tell if your computer is infected with a virus or a more serious hardware problem. However, the following list of symptoms may help you better gauge what is wrong with your PC.


A Slow Computer:

Yes, a virus may make your computer run slowly and make it difficult to
work, but only to a certain point. If your computer takes more than five to ten
minutes to boot up; the problem can be a hard drive going bad. Of course, it
may seem like a virus when it really is a more serious issue.

Annoying Popup Windows

Popup windows and other unsolicited messages can be an indicator of a virus
infection. If you see messages that are asking you to purchase antivirus
software, certainly do not oblige.

System not booting up

Certain virus problems are spread by root-kits. Root-kits will help hide a
virus, sometimes in the very space your computer reads when it tries to start.
As a result, your computer may not start up.

Over the next few days, I will dig further into certain
aspects of computer viruses and their ability to make your computer useless.
So, stay tuned in to the TechRx, Inc. blog to learn more!

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