Thumb Drive Backup Recovery

by Jason Davies on June 27, 2011

Thumb Drive Backup Recovery

When you think thumb drive, does the first thought to enter your mind become backup solution? Many of us consider a thumb drive a lifeline. Thumb drives are inexpensive and indispensible.  Each day thousands of people use them to save, transport important documents and of course, backup data. Students may use a thumb drive to save school work.  Consequently, teachers use thumb drives to archive lesson plans.  In today’s modern computer age, many of us believe thumb drives are safe and effective backup plan in case of trouble right?

Actually, thumb drives are little electronic ticking time bombs that are waiting to devour your important files. A thumb drive stores your sensitive data on a memory chips and not magnetic material. Memory chips use electronic signals to store data which are directed by a controller inside of the thumb drive.  The job of the controller is to direct the zeros and ones (binary data) of your data into appropriate spots on the memory chips. Furthermore, the job of the controller is to keep track of each and every write cycle. Data is moved where there is free space and put into containers on the memory chip according to a process called wear leveling.

To keep matters simple, wear leveling is built into the thumb drive controller to keep track of how many times data is written to a particular memory cell or container. After each container is written to a specified number of times it can become less reliable. The controller’s job is to level out this wear so every cell gets a certain amount of use. After a period of time that is normally around 100,000 write cycles the controller may give out a stop signal.  Once the stop signal is given the memory card will give the user an error message.

The most common error a thumb drive user will receive is “The disk is not formatted, would you like to format now?” When you see this message it is time to STOP! Remove the thumb drive from your computer and call a professional for help. Wear leveling is a built in hardware function to stop you from using a drive until it becomes unreliable. For many of us it is a thief in the night waiting to cause panic and lost data.

TechRx, Inc. is a thumb drive recovery company. TechRx, Inc. has unique and specialized tools that allow us to read data directly from the memory chips inside of thumb drives. This gives us the ability to get your data back in most cases. We read the data from the chips and reassemble the data into files, photos, and documents. This is not a task you should try on your own. Opening up a thumb drive can damage the small pins inside and permanently destroy your chances of successful thumb drive recovery.  TechRx, Inc. will evaluate your thumb drive for free and provide you a list of files that we can recovery. Don’t put your important files at risk, call
TechRx, Inc. today.


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