Hard drive recovery life insurance

by Jason Davies on May 10, 2011

Imagine I caught suprise with hard drive recovery life insurance eh? To tell you the truth, there really is life insurance for hard drive recovery. During a recent trip across Green Bay, WI I tuned into our local talk radio station WTAQ and heard Sean Hannity making mention of a hard drive recovery solution.  Earlier, I heard talk show host Rush Limbaugh doing the same. The interesting part was not that they both were trying to sell a product, but that they hit a key point on the head. Both hosts said when your hard drive fails. Most of us presume that it is a question of IF.  When you know something will happen, you typically take an opportunity to prevent it.

Hard drive recovery costs both time and money. Data recovery can take more time depending on the size of the drive or complexity of recovery. There is never a guarantee you data will be recoverable either, and this can put you in a difficult situation. Proper disaster planning can help you avoid what I like to call hard drive melt down. You only need to take a few simple steps to protect your data and I am going to show you how. I hope you will take these simple steps and do them right away.  Keeping in mind, I do not endorse specific products and as such, I will generalize my information.

Hard drives are magnetic disks with a plethora of unique and progressive electronics. They are a true cornucopia of computing complexity. Having said all that I want you remember the first step

Step Number One:  GET S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology)
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Modern hard drives contain the equivalent of electronic tracking devices.  This technology monitors a variety of hard drive parameters and can help you predict when hard drive failure may happen. The interesting exception of this is that, S.M.A.R.T may not always work. It is a guideline that can help prevent certain issues such as Bad sectors. Bad sectors are damaged areas on the magnetic platter surface. S.M.A.R.T programs are available on the internet.  These programs will enable you to take a look for abnormalities that your hard drive might have.

Step Number Two: Get Backup Software

This may sound trivial but in fact the hard disk in your computer will fail and you need to be prepared. Newer technologies that exist today are called remote backup solutions.  The idea of a remote backup is keeping your data safe and secure on equipment located elsewhere. Most remote backup solutions keep your data encrypted. This encrypted data very secure.

By making it your goal to stay protected you are in essence providing life insurance for your computer data. The hard drive in your computer may contain memories, documents, or your first patent application. Computer equipment is one price, but data – that is priceless. TechRx, Inc. is a professional data recovery company located in Green Bay, WI.

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