The Apple iPad2 and the computer guy

by Jason Davies on March 26, 2011

This week I purchased an iPad2 and since then, I discovered it is a great little device to spread the gap between the laptop in one room and the internet enabled television in the other.  It takes the cake for always ready to go and ease of use, but certainly fills the void of “Now, I have something I don’t need to make easy jobs simple.” In other words, “It’s a neat little device that does a few dozen of the hundreds of tasks I perform on a daily basis.”

When you are shopping in Green Bay this weekend, should you purchase this little gadget, or wait until the iPad3? The more important statement would be here – save your money and buy it if you can afford the price. This is not something I would recommend you run up your credit card over in my opinion.

The iPad2 may persuade you t purchase due to the sense of entitlement you receive and then quickly loose. The iPad2 is a rare item in this area, most stores are sold out. Luckily, a good friend at another computer store put one on hold for me.  The iPad2 will get you noticed by your friends – at minimum, when you trying to debug an iPhone app and see if you can convert it to an Ipad2 app easily. I was helping a friend run his iPad2 through a proxy server to determine specific responses from the server. Needless to say, it worked like a charm.

Another question I want to fill in is that parents should not rush out and buy the iPad2 for their children. There are other ways you can invest $600 -$1000.  My recommendation would be to donate some of that money to a shelter, or charity. Then, set the remainder aside in a CD, or interest generating savings account. This way, when the kid outgrows the iPad2
fad, you will have done something good and generated additional income.

My opinion is that this device is a great novelty and that is why people buy it. One disappointing thing to me was the camera. First, if you are pointing an iPad2 at someone to take their picture, you may get a few odd looks. This device is rather large to use as a camera, but the quality of the photo taking is bad. I am sure the next version will improve that, but it certainly does not
take good photos.

I hope you were able to learn more about this unique device from TechRx.  Perhaps, I will encourage you to share this article with some of your friends and colleagues too.  I enjoy getting emails from all of you and responding to them. I also enjoy the really hilarious comments and parodies that inevitably follow my writing.

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