What is Java and How Does it Relate to Spyware?

by Jason Davies on February 26, 2011


Imagine yourself surfing the internet, taking a look at Facebook, and perhaps a Google search. After you update your status, you browse onward to Google and find yourself with strange messages on your screen. Your web browser decides to get a mind of its own and all of a sudden a message appears asking you for money. “YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED.” Sounds like a true, bummer moment.

Now why do these messages pop up? Most of the time this is due to a little system software called Java. While it sounds cute enough, this coffee cup is responsible for running a lot of programs you use in your day to day browsing life. From time to time, Java needs an update or it can open your computer up to many problems.

The easy way to check if your Java is up to date is by going to The Java Website and clicking link “Do I Have Java.” Once you click, the site will run a check and help you find out if your computer is up to date. If it is not, then it will help you through the process.

By taking a moment each month to check on Java, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of major computer issues, annoying popup messages, and damaging spyware. In the event you would like to get expert help, please call or email TechRx. We can help you over the internet and get you up to date with a few simple clicks.

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