Western Digital Green Destruction

by Jason Davies on February 11, 2011

This article is simple advice to those who utilize external hard drives for backup. I certainly do not want to pick on a vendor because they create a case for data recovery, but Western Digital takes the cake with their Green Series drive. In summary, the Western Digital Green series drives exist to fill a niche around going green.

The drives normally operate at 7200RPM when they are in full operation. To save power though, they slow down their speed and this can cause problems. To ameliorate the situation, WD did release software updates for the older drives that had problems.  The most common drives that I do recovery on often are the 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB. 

Based upon data recovery statistics, I would encourage you to realize that external hard drives are a backup solution not a full time solution. Do not expect an external USB drive to perform like an internal hard drive. External drives suffer more heat related injuries and premature failure than their counterparts. This is because the containers the drives are in do not dissipate heat as well.

If you have a Western Digital Green drive that randomly erased all of your data and needs recovery, turn it off right away. The drives have the best likely hood of recovery when no attempts are made to find your data.  TechRx in Green Bay is a premium data recovery company that works with all types of hard drives including Western Digital Green.

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