Wish It – Want It – Do It

by Jason Davies on January 26, 2011

Wish it – Want it – Do it

As an interesting side bar to my normal and highly technical writing, I thought I would examine an interesting piece of information from a TV show named Family Guy.  As the animated series goes Brian, a white dog with a half human, half dog personality decided to write a motivational book in response to the fact that all you have to do is “write something” and anybody will buy it.

I was curious if there are any parallels between technology and personal motivation and sure enough, there are. A good example is any product made by Apple Inc. Turn on a TV and it is hard to miss the commercials. Remember the “MAC vs. PC” storylines a number of years ago. How many of us feel empowered by the media to buy an Apple product?

The interesting part of Wish It, Want It, Do It – is summarized in a simple explanation: If you take propaganda and replay it to a mass majority, people begin to believe what you say as truth. Thus, if you help someone believe in their thoughts enough, it may indeed empower them to succeed at something. The task could be slightly influential to highly influential. Perhaps, getting a child to take out the trash, or empowering someone with a debilitating disorder to take a stride forward they couldn’t do alone.

When you feel empowered I challenge you to consider your feelings to determine if your motivations are correct. Do not permit yourself to listen to the mainstream and accept it as truth. I often hear people say, “I know nothing about computers.” and listen to their frustrating story about what happed with the last technology company they had in the door. Nothing changes and the people continue to follow the wrong path. 

Since people are unfamiliar with technology it creates an unfounded fear and dramatic reason not to change. Many businesses buy into a service contract and are now paralyzed with the fear their next experience could be worse. There is no consideration placed on the fact that there is something better out there. People give up and businesses suffer with budgets, taxes, and expenses.

Many of the problems we face today as Americans are rooted in the same way. We fear what we do not understand, but the cost of changing is a paralyzing fear. Therefore, we only move left or right and forget up and down exist as an option. You need to make the words outside the box your wish it moment. If you want something bad enough, eventually you do it.

Jason Davies is a technology columnist for TechRx, Inc and happens to be one of those wild and crazy system engineers who can carry on a topic in politics if necessary.  I hope you found this article inspirational and useful. If not, you might have missed my point. Anyway, want some advice for your company? Need to get on the right track and don’t want to stay stuck in the mud? Email or call me and we can work together.

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