How to speed up your computer’s performance

by Jason Davies on January 16, 2011

Do you have a computer that is young, but a bit slow? Frustration can set in when your computer does not operate a maximum efficiency. In fact, a slow computer can waste your time and your money. Perhaps, you are not ready to upgrade the entire system just yet; the solution is a simple and painless upgrade called SSD.Solid State Hard Drive

SSD or Solid State Drive is a new technology that enables you to add a huge speed increase to your computer.  The SSD has no moving parts and will kick your computer into the fast lane. These drives have technology similar to a flash drive, but in a more reliable manner. They are very fast and help your computer to startup quickly.

My personal favorite SSD is made by Intel Corporation.  I am a fan of quality, and so I enjoy staying with a large name that has experience in SSD technology.  Intel makes a few types of SSD drives including: Enterprise and Mainstream. The latter is most appropriate and cost effective solution for the average computer user.

Mainstream SSD drives feature a really great read speed.  Read speed is basically how fast the drive is able to get data from its internal storage.   On the other hand, the write speed is a bit slower.  Write speed is simply how fast data is put back into the memory of the drive.  The Mainstream drive favors read speed in lieu of the write speed. 

SSD drives have a life similar to a regular desktop hard drive. They have internal electronics that help to ensure data is written evenly to the drive and this is called wear leveling.  Wear leveling helps the drive manage the memory so that it wears properly.  Most Intel SSD drives are rated for nearly 1.2 million hours between failure. They certainly do make a great investment in your technology.

Enterprise SSD hard drives offer a huge performance increase too. They are designed for high end workstations and server computers.  They offer fast write and read speeds that are blazingly quick.  They offer an improved life span that enables them to work well for business and enterprise computing environments.  Enterprise SSD drives are able to replace a number of regular hard drives when used in specific applications. This can be a huge money saving factor for business, and I like to make a recommendation that CEO’s ask their CTO’s to consider this option during huge technology upgrades.

Installation of a SSD is simple and with the use of cloning software (software that allows you to make an exact copy of your data) you can install a SSD and be up and running in no time. The next time you are frustrated by your slow system, realize you can step up to a SSD and really be rocking and rolling!

For more information on hard drives and technology, feel welcome to email or contact me.  TechRx, Inc. can be reached at 920.884.1195.

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