computer repair green bay

by Jason Davies on November 21, 2010

Computer repair in Green Bay, WI by TechRx. Do you need Computer Repair in Green Bay, or have a Davies or We Tech built computer system? TechRx can help you with computer repair green bay that will resolve all your issues. Why trust any other computer repair company, TechRx is all you need. Call today 920.884.1195 or contact us here.

TechRx computer repair Green Bay is done by a certified expert with years of experience. The following Computer repair services are offered by TechRx

  • clicking hard drives
  • remote computer repair
  • computer tune up | slow computer | defective computer | new computer setup
  • insurance quotes
  • blue screen or black screen
  • wireless problems
  • laptops | screen replacement | lcd inverter |
  • windows 7, 95, xp, vista, dos, sco unix
  • memory problems and upgrades
  • boot up issues and slow booting
  • power supply replacement
  • computer repair green bay
  • noisy fans
  • computer clean up
  • Power Jack Replacement
  • Laptop screen Replacement

Did I miss the type of service you are looking for? Chances are that TechRx computer repair Green Bay will save the day!

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