computer repair and the local yellow pages

by Jason Davies on November 20, 2010

During a look at  Will Investors Ever Love Yellow Pages Again it made me think about computer repair and yellow pages too. Are they necessary with the huge increase of Internet advertising? Or are they simply a heavy book of pages that is doomed to end up in the recycle can?

The question that I ask is, “What audience is interested in a phone book?” A few answers could come into light if:

1) My computer is broken; I would have to turn to the pages

2) I am not computer fluent, and I feel more comfortable with a directory

3) I don’t know where to turn, so this is the best option

When you seek computer repair services, do you consider your source for information, or does the yellow page directory still have a purpose in your decisions? The next time you consider computer repair services how will you find your provider?

TechRx Inc provides computer repair services, and we advertise on the internet and in yellow pages.

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