Western Digital MyBook

by Jason Davies on August 28, 2010

This week I am disucssing the Western Digital MyBook. Models WD3200JS-22PDB0,WD2500JS-00rea0, WD1600JB-00REa0. The series ending in 00rea0 is infamous for pcb issues. Does your Western Digital Mybook click? Do you notice your drive will not power up, and your data is not recognized by your computer?

TechRx, Inc. can repair your Western Digital MyBook and get your data back. TechRx, Inc. offers a data recovery best buy. We offer no cost estimates, and diagnostics. If you need your MyBook fixed; please email us to get your no obligation estimate. If we cannot recover your data you do not pay.

TechRx, Inc. data recovery 920.884.1195. TechRx Inc uses a class 100 cleanroom when we repair the western digital mybook.

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