Why the clean room is a data recovery requirement

by Jason Davies on August 26, 2010

Why is a clean room important with respect to data recovery? A clean room can mean the difference between a successful data recovery and a horrific data recovery disaster. Clean rooms filter out many particles, including dust. Imagine how sand paper feels, got it? Would you want someone to use  that rough on your data? When you do not use a clean room, that is exactly what you get.

data recovery techrx cleanroom

A clean room will prevent dust from dropping onto the hard drive platter when the drive is opened. If any dust gets between the head and the platter, the effect can be devastating. Dust acts like sand paper and will ensure data recovery is impossible.

TechRx, Inc. utilizes a Class 100 clean room that allows a maximum of 100 parts of particulate that are  >0.5 micrometer in size per cubic foot. The unofficial term is “micron.” In contrast, a typical room has a particle level of 1,000,000 parts per million, per cubic foot.  For another layer of protection TechRx uses HEPA filtration directly outside of the clean room area to ensure multiple levels of protection for your data.

Tech Rx, Inc. would love to help with your data recovery needs. You can reach us by using our contact list, or by calling 920.884.1195. Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

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