Confidential Data Recovery

by Jason Davies on August 21, 2010

Confidential Data Recovery

Data Recovery TechRx Confidential

Confidential Data Recovery

Why would the word data recovery require the term confidential? Technology permits the simultaneous exchange of information, and propagation of data rapidly; your data could be shared with over a million people in the time it takes to read this sentence!  TechRx, Inc. does not share your information. We discovered that many data recovery companies are simply agents who outsource your project to another provider.

We find data recovery companies will charge higher prices to offset the cost of “outsourcing.” They charge you a fee to look at your drive, and then charge you a fee to do the recovery. A reputable data recovery company will offer free estimates and guarantee no fee unless they recover data.  If someone is willing to negotiate prices, there is a possibility there are outsource issues involved too. For example, a company may try to charge you for the “initial examination.” They may negotiate the recovery price by removing the cost of the analysis. This is done when they realize they cannot charge you for the exam.

TechRx, Inc. does not outsource data recovery. All recoveries are preformed in Green Bay, WI.  Offering free pickup within Green Bay, or free shipping outside of Wisconsin, TechRx, Inc. combines value with the well known Davies family of companies.

If your hard drive recovery was botched, give TechRx, Inc. a call. We may be able to help recover what someone else forgot. 920.884.1195. TechRx Inc. data recovery recovers all brands of hard drives. We promise your data recovery will be kept confidential. Western Digital, Hitachi, IBM, Toshiba, Samsung, Maxtor, Seagate. Green Bay, WI.

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