Technology is the crutch that lets us down

by Jason Davies on June 1, 2010

Technology has the capability to make life simple and yet its ability to transform our life into chaos holds truth. Daily, we rely on technology without thinking twice. Our car has a computer to control the engine; our ovens cook properly because of computers; and our family photos are stored safely on the computer.

As computers now appear to dictate our lives, we blindly trust anyone to fix technology distress.  The issue at hand is that technology is the single most influential device to coax our thought process. For example, if you break a tennis racquet and have an amateur fix it – the worse potential outcome is a bad game. With technology, the worse potential outcome is identity theft, lost memories, financial issues, stress, divorce , and total chaos just to name a few. Imagine what happens if you trust the neighbor kid to fix your pc. What if he stumbles upon years of family secrets or worse, improper, illegal, or pornographic materials and then decides to share it with his friends? Could you face criminal charges if he comes across illegal material? What if you thought you deleted improper photos; but he uncovers them? What will you spouse think when they read about it on Facebook®?

I ask you to ponder the life changing decisions that technology can cause you to make. Should you trust those decisions to a retail store clerk? Consider how you feel about a neighbor examining the intricacies of your life when you are not around. Think about how you would feel if that information made itself public. Perhaps, technology is a crutch that can let us down daily. Technology can cause irreversible injury.

The purpose of this article is to help internet users see that technology is a great tool, and a tool that will proliferate information, rapidly. When selecting a computer repair shop I believe the first question should always be, “what will you do to protect me?” In my opinion, I am doubtful a good experience would start with the words, “what does it cost to…” A person working from their home can be trustworthy, as can an individual in a large corporation. However, the more risk you assume for convenience, you further the risk of your life spreading across the internet forever. Large corporations might sell your contact information. Smaller shops may be less interested.

Many computer shops will charge low prices and promise to fix an issue and most of the time they will deliver on that promise too. The reality of technology is that experience counts. The larger part of reality is that experience, trust, and informed decision making will go further in helping you to make the right decision. The cost of doing something once is always less than the cost of rebuilding your life after something you think is small, turns into an issue so large you are caught in the title wave. Do you have questions and need answers that go outside the box? Call TechRx, Inc. – 920.884.1195  

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Nick Martey July 4, 2010 at 10:33 am

I agree with you there. I trusted a big box store to fix my pc; and I got excuses, a huge bill, and in the end a broken computer.

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