Summer computer safety

by Jason Davies on May 2, 2010

Spring is in the air and that can mean only one thing for a technology company – time to write our annual note about lightening damage. Each year, I see many computers that sustain damage they do not need to. I want to write about a few ideas that could help save your pc.
Lightening can come into your home/office through more places than the power outlet. Telephone, cable, and network lines are other examples of connections that often, have no protection.
Another over looked issue is the printer or scanner. You may remember to unplug the pc, but you might forget the scanner in the next room or around the corner! The rule here is that anywhere there is a wire; there is a possibility of damage.
Lastly, check your power strip. Some power strips are just “taps” for electricity. They may not offer any surge protection at all. Stay safe this summer!

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