Professional data recovery as the first choice in Green Bay

by Jason Davies on April 11, 2010

Would you permit a friend to fix a cavity in your tooth? Perhaps, he has a good cordless drill and a steady hand. Can you imagine the possible outcome? The last time you had a broken bone; did you wrap it in concrete and a towel? That would be a bad idea with devastating results.

I do not recommend any of the actions mentioned above; I wanted to emphasize the need for professional care for your hard drive data recovery. The reason is that hard drive repair work is specialized. Permitting a friend to plug in your drive “one last time” could result in 100% data loss, and permanent destruction of your data. Imagine how frustrating that would be.

TechRx offers a free consultation and there is good reason. We would rather help you get the right answer, than try to do it yourself and lose your memories. TechRx cares, and being the only professional data recovery company based in Green Bay, WI – we realize the need is huge. We received a Toshiba drive this week that fell off a table. Luckily, the client called TechRx, we recovered 100% of their data. Do not risk your memories.

The drive had damage with the read-write heads and the drive was unresponsive. By reading the data from the drive without writing to the drive, we were able to extract the data without any further surface damage. The catch here is that another company could have attached it to a Windows computer and simply read the data off it. It may have worked for a few moments; but Windows causes a drive to “write” to the surface of the disk. This would have quickly destroyed the chance of full recovery.

If your drive crashes, call TechRx, Inc. This will give us the opportunity to save your data before your memories, photos, or other important data are lost for life. TechRx, Inc. can be reached at 920.884.1195.  Turn off your computer right away. For data recovery to be most successful, the issue is minimizing the amount of damage to the drive.

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