Windows 7 and XP Virtual Machine

by Jason Davies on April 7, 2010

Recently, a client needed my assistance running an older application on their Windows 7 64-bit machine. We utilized the Windows XP virtual mode option to make this task simple. Virtual mode is a big file that contains a virtual computer within it (for simple definition purposes.) When you install it and load it from a Windows 7 Professional system, it will boot up a working copy of Windows XP. At this point, you have full access to Windows XP; and can install programs as necessary.
The great feature with the Windows 7 / XP integration is that you can publish applications to your Windows 7 desktop from the virtual machine. This means a single mouse click will start your programs and the virtual machine at the same time. There is no need to load up XP first and that will save you time. The other great feature I want to point out is the seamless application integration that allows your programs to appear as if they are running directly from the desktop.
If you have an old application that needs to run on your new computer, I recommend utilizing Microsoft’s virtual machine. Keep in mind; this feature is not available with Windows 7 home edition. Need help implementing virtual machine on your pc, ask the experts at TechRx Inc.

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