Prevent a virus before it starts

by Jason Davies on February 27, 2010

Prevention is the best cure when it comes to viruses and other computer infections. The most important thing to learn about your computer is the name of your antivirus software. Most infections are the product of a method called strategic defrauding. When you see a popup appear on your computer screen that says, “You have 100 viruses infections – click here to install.” How do you react?
The majority of people who need my services click the button because they think the software message is legitimate. The reality is that they took the “bait.” When a program says, “antivirus 2010” for example; and you know the name of your antivirus software is “Avast” you should stop. Obviously, the popup is misleading. Now, what happens when you see the message if you are not suppose click it? You can try two keystrokes: ALT and F4. When you hit both keys at the same time, it tells the computer to close down the window that is in the foreground. If you are lucky, the window will close; and the potential infection will not do any damage to your computer!

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