Forensic Imaging | Drive Imaging

TechRx Inc. offers internet artifact searches and forensic imaging.  Jason Davies, MCP of  TechRx Inc. a member of the Wisconsin Association of Computer Crimes Investigators (WACCI). TechRx Inc. provides assistance to law enforcement in dealing with hard drive problems including:

  • Drive Imaging
  • FTK
  • Forensic Drive Imaging
  • Circuit Board Problems
  • Bad Sectors
  • Slow imaging drives
  • Digital Evidence retrieval
  • Unstable hard drives
  • On Site forensic data gathering
  • Internet Artifact Searching

Are you an attorney in Green Bay, Wisconsin seeking assistance with a hard drive containing data that you need information from? Before getting bad advise, you need to call Jason Davies with TechRx Inc. in Green Bay.  I help lawyers find data, pictures, and email content that can help put together missing puzzle pieces in a case.  My expertise has been tested by area lawyers and I am pleased to provide confidential references upon request. I am detail oriented, a forward thinker and have the ability to pattern and integrate even the most vague of ideas.

My initial retainer for any legal matter starts at $3,500.00 for initial engagement.  Additional services are billed at $350.00/per hour.

Please contact Jason Davies directly at 920.884.1195 to arrange assistance with hard drives involving active investigations.  TechRx Inc. will work under the direction of law enforcement or a licensed attorney with respect to forensic imaging.  TechRx Inc. can provide “second opinion” services regarding hard drives used in MAC, PC, and Linux computer systems. Please note that in the best interest of any case presented, please contact me via phone and speak with me directly. Do not leave voice mail messages containing confidential information or email.