FortiVoice FortiFone 470i Business Telephone

by Jason Davies on August 21, 2017

My client wanted a business phone system.  I provided them with Fortivoice.  Upon placing the first call, the quality was great! Another remark was how easy it was to use.  I setup their SIP phones, voicemail, and call features. Fortivoice really does the job well.  Imagine your next phone system trouble free. TechRx Inc. provides the system you deserve.  After installation, we updated the firmware, an important step. Keeping a phone system up-to-date, will make sure it works.

Do you have a need for a phone system? TechRx Inc. can help. Give TechRx Inc. a call at 920-884-1195.


Dropped Western Digital external hard drive

by Jason Davies on April 5, 2014

Did you drop your western digital external hard drive? There are so many worries you may have, but TechRx, Inc. will help you with hard drive recovery. Make the right decision and use TechRx, Inc. to recover data from your dropped Western Digital external hard drive.

Hard drive recovery checklist

1)         Turn of the drive right away and do not attempt to power it on and off

2)        Make a note of what happened when the drive was dropped.  Did the drive start to click?

3)        Write down the model number of the drive.

4)        Do not let your friends “Attempt” to get the drive working, they will only make it worse and destroy data.

hard drive clean room hard drive clean room

Most hard drive dropping causes physical damage to the components inside the hard drive.  Therefore, it is not worth trying various experiments on the drive if data is important. These include freezing the hard drive, because doing so causes damage to the platters and can further cause irreversible data loss.  This is was a bad idea someone published on the internet years back and has harmed thousands of hard drives.

TechRx will properly diagnose and test a dropped drive without causing harm.  Our equipment is designed specifically for hard drives and eliminates guessing and bad choices.  Dropping your external hard drive can be really scary but TechRx Inc. is here to help you out. TechRx, Inc. will accept external hard drives for estimates anytime. Please give us a call or email to schedule.  There is no need to wory, TechRx will process your drive quickly and let you know an exact price. 920.884.1195. Or contact us by clicking here.

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Corporate network solutions provided by TechRx can help any organization step into modern technology and with amazing results.  Does the idea of never having to wait for a slow network, or reboot computers constantly sound like an amazing utopian thought?  Sounds simply crazy, but TechRx clients never wait for their network access.  TechRx can do the same for your business too.  I wanted to share with you what I did for a small clinic in Wisconsin recently to help them make their technology useful, so they could sleep at night.

Equipment at the clinic as not sized properly and was increasing in age and becoming a security risk.  Never a good thing, especially since networks are targets for attacks. The VPN connection was handled by a Cisco ASA with only stateful inspection enabled. The IOS revision of the software in the device was several years old and therefore, suffered from security flaws.  The device also failed to act appropriately and would frequently drop VPN connectivity to the remote clinic on a daily basis.

TechRx implemented a cloud managed security appliance that operates as a layer 7 or application firewall. This device monitors all traffic in and out of the clinic network and produces logs to alert any security problems. This also protects patient information and credit card information from passing through the network.  The equipment also monitors for intrusions and viruses at the perimeter of the network. This acts as a double layer of protection against rogue machines  The equipment has repeatedly blocked network attacks. The device is also an enterprise level piece of equipment that has the processing power to handle the Virtual Private Network and contains caching mechanisms to stabilize and increase network performance over slow network links.

One location was in a small town and frequently suffered from power outages. The location did not have an Uninterruptable Power Supply (“UPS”) of any kind to prevent damage to equipment during power loss. The clinic at location one did have a UPS that was acceptable for a brief outage and provide enough supplementary power to shut down the servers. UPS equipment is important due to frequent voltage drops in the area.  These drops would turn off networking equipment and cause attached computers to freeze up.  It also contributed to VPN connectivity problems. A properly sized UPS unit was added to provide supplementary power to the remote site and handle power outages up to 10 minutes. 

These very simple steps helped my client resolve their network issues and enjoy a corporate network solution that simply works. I think everyone can agree, that is a good thing.



4 Ways to Fix a Physically Broken Hard Drive

by Jason Davies on January 3, 2014

How to Fix a Physically Broken Hard Drive

Be warned and afraid too: this information is provided for use at your own risk and should only be used to make a bad hard drive situation worse and ready for the recycle bin. Never hurts to try anyway though, right? So here are 4 ways to fix a physically broken hard drive. Bonus content below. Talk about inconvenience, a system crash, but how about the ensuing disaster when your hard drive heads crash west. Most times this means drive data is destroyed and your bits are out of luck—unless you safeguarded your data with a backup. Do you know if your drive really dead, or just mostly dead? .

Step 1: Hard Drive Health Status: Identify what the hard drive is. Hard drives look somewhat similar to this photo. We want to get at the physical hard drive to have the best chance of doing anything with it. This includes being able to send it to a data recovery company.

hard drive what is a seagate hard drive








Step 2: Visualize any potential damage on the hard drive and check connections. Damage can include just about anything.  In this photo, we can see some missing screws, perhaps from a previous repair attempt by someone.  This side of the drive looks okay though, nothing is burned. One thing I can’t illustrate is this board is very hot to the touch and it smells bad.  This board is also static sensitive but for this illustration, is handled without static precautions for this blog article only.  (After all, this drive is going in the recycle bin shortly.)

hard drive circuit board circuit board of hard drive








Step 3: Looking a little closer at things.  What do we have here?  OK, I cheated and used a photo of the circuit board in the photo above and put it under my microscope.  This hard drive was not spinning at all and had some electrical damage from being in an external enclosure where a surge occurred.  This surge was pretty strong as it did some serious damage to components.  If your drive looks like this, I am going to say there is little you will be able to do at home to fix this.  Even genius mad skills in electronics repair may not help here.  This is where the pros would simply replace the circuit board.  Then again, this is a last ditch effort right?  Let’s grab some resistors from another hard drive, stick them on and see what happens right?

hard drive with burnt capacitor

hard drive with burnt resistor


Step 4: Freeze the hard drive, or better yet,  toss it in a snow bank and if that fails, put it under your car and run it over to loosen it up.  Be sure the hard drive has a good view of organic frozen fruit before leaving it in there.  Better yet, don’t do step 4 and just skip to the bottom.

hard drive in freezer hard drive in freezer

hard drive car photo 3








Bonus Step 5:  Try a hot bath.  Sometimes, the problem that prevents the hard drive from working properly can be dirty heads.  Use as hot of water as you can find on the hard drive.  Click Here to take a look at our video.


The things you  just read about hard drive recovery are really common on the internet.  The first few steps might yield some results such as checking the connections.  Other not such useful steps include bathing the hard drive in a snow bank or making sure it is in the freezer across from the Organic frozen fruits.  In fact, running a hard drive under hot water will do a ton of damage and create a seriously dangerous situation if you try to plug it back in. DO NOT do this.  Most importantly, do not do anything with a hard drive indoors.  The electronics can spark, burn, make really bad smelling smoke and in most areas it is illegal to have them on fire and producing that thick black smoke. So, don’t do it.

What should you do:

You should put comments below of what type of questions you have about how to fix a hard drive. Education among group learning is a highly effective strategy to get help at a reduced cost. TechRx Inc. also provides estimates in case the hard drive is important to you.



mac hard drive recovery

by Jason Davies on December 27, 2013

Mac hard drive recovery

Hard drive crashes are no laughing matter and when you need mac hard drive recovery, TechRx Inc. can help.   Our technicians are mac hard drive recovery experts and will recover the data off the hard drive on your computer.  TechRx can help you recover deleted files from your Mac too.  File recovery is a method we use to recover select files from your mac hard drive.  This is useful when you know the exact location and name of the file on your mac hard drive that was erased.  Retrieval of data from your hard drive should be left to a professional since any writing to the hard drive after data loss on your hard drive can cause permanent file deletion.  Your best buy data recovery solution is not spending money on software and here is why:

Hard drive recovery do it yourself dangers

The internet is a great wealth of information for hard drive recovery do it yourself folks. Many people can fix their own computer, and do well. However, what you don’t know about data recovery on a mac hard drive is that it is difficult.  What you don’t know can hurt you.  The first question you have to ask yourself is why did my mac hard drive crash? Hard drives are mechanical devices that store data and spin quickly.  A mac hard drive can develop wear and tear like every brand of hard drive. This results in a hard drive that is unstable, and unless you know what contributed to the instability, it is important to not try to recover it yourself.

Secondly, hard drives have firmware and modules that change, modify, and adapt to the hard drive over time.  This is partly the reason why you cannot swap parts from modern hard drives and get results. Modules store defect information about the drive, data that relates to how the heads should read the disk etc.  If these modules are corrupted, it may impossible to get your mac drive up and going again.

Thirdly, if your mac hard drive would need professional help, almost all data recovery companies charge additional fees if the drive was modified or repairs were attempted. Finally, pushing an unstable hard drive too far after it has suffered a problem can make your data lost permanently and even the best mac hard drive recovery company will not be able to resolve the issue.


data recovery specialist

October 27, 2013

Data recovery is similar to  brain surgery, feel like trying some remedies off the internet still?  It requires a highly skilled technician to repair damaged hard drives and get data back.  As a result, data recovery is costly; it should be used when you have data that you are serious about. Data Recovery is not […]

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Piano Tuning

October 8, 2013

Imagine the sounds, the roar, the giant sound coming from the family piano. Every note in perfect tune and every single unison flawless.  Wait! most pianos never sound that way because owners do not invest time into their pianos.  A piano has roughly 230 strings and each one holds a great deal of tension, but […]

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Hard drive recovery diagnostics

October 3, 2013

Hard drive recovery by TechRx includes diagnostics of your hard drive for no cost.  TechRx Inc. uses automated hard drive recovery tools to examine PCB’s, Heads, and firmware of your hard drive. By utilizing technology from Atola to automate the hard drive recovery process, we are able to offer greater value and response time.  TechRx […]

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Data Recovery Green Bay

October 2, 2013

Hard drive crash in Green Bay, WI?  The holiday is coming soon, but TechRx Inc. can do data recovery in Green Bay, WI before.  Clicking hard drive in Green Bay, WI is no problem for TechRx Inc. Our experts recover data from crashed hard drives, and perform data recovery daily.  Take a look at our […]

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Computer technician versus data recovery technician

August 17, 2013

When you go to your family doctor about a particular medical concern, your family doctor or general practitioner is the “go to guy” for the majority of things that can cause you trouble.  Sometimes, your medical condition could be very specific and require a specialist. Computer technicians are a great deal like a general doctor; […]

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