TechRX Products

TechRx offers a full line of compatible toner:

TechRx is an authorized reseller for Martin Yale. This includes

  • Shredders
  • Folders
  • Spare Parts

Tired of paying high prices for ink cartridges?  Give TechRx an email using the contact form.  We will provide a custom quote for you.  Need a specific cartridge?  TechRx can add it to our online store just for you!

Please email us with the cartridge you need and we will add a purchase button on this page for you. It takes less than one hour and all products typically ship the same day!

TechRx offers custom-built computer systems. Our systems feature a huge array of great features, including DDR3 memory. We install solid-state hard drives in our computers; and test every system fully before shipping. If you need the latest Intel equipment in your system, have TechRx build it for you.

Can’t find what your looking for? Contact us.

Looking for a new laptop?  TechRx offers the entire line of Jetta notebooks.