Expert Witness Services

Attention Wisconsin Attorney’s – please call for more information. TechRx can provide your office information about: Expert Witness Testimony, and Forensic Imaging.

TechRx, Inc. offers onsite imaging of hard drives for law firms.  Rates are subject to the time required for imaging. We are able to image flash drives, usb drives, hard drives, solid state hard drives, and IDE and SATA drives.

TechRx, Inc. has a wealth of experience working with law firms throughout North East Wisconsin. We are willing to travel within the state of Wisconsin.  As a data recovery company, we are uniquely qualified to help service your needs. For more information, we ask that interested Law firms have an attorney contact us directly at 920.884.1195.

Please note that TechRx, Inc. is NOT a private investigating firm. We will only conduct data imaging at the request of a licensed attorney, or for law enforcement agencies authorized to oversee the process.