Flash Drive Recovery

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Most of us have them and many of us need help recovering data from them.  The answer?  A thumb drive.  These little marvels of technology allow us to save data and loose it quickly.  The good thing is that TechRx has pioneered methods for recovering data off  thumb drives since 2009.  This means there is a great chance we can help you get your data back.Offering same day, next day, and normal turnaround times.  TechRx, Inc. has the specialized equipment we use to recover data and prepare memory chips.  Many flash repair companies use high temperature hot air devices to remove memory chips. These extreme temperatures may result in burning and damage to the highly sensitive memory chips inside your thumb drive, flash drive, or secure digital card. TechRx, Inc. is able to remove chips at temperatures significantly lower with specialized techniques. In fact we use same tools in use by companies such as NASA and Raytheon. Our ability to address memory chips with lower heat enables a better likelihood of success when chip removal is necessary.  We look forward to helping you out.


What types of flash drive problems can TechRx help me with?

  • physically broken usb connectors
  • flash drive broken
  • problem “would you like to format now”
  • disk not recognized
  • accidentally deleted files from thumb drives
  • dropped thumb drives (this may sound odd, but thumb drives do have a crystal oscillator inside and sometimes a drop can cause damage)
  • Verbatim, Sony, Intel, Kingston, Dane-Elec, Lexar, PNY, Memorex and many others.*
  • Corrupted files
  • Erased files
  • Missing photos and pictures

TechRx services Green Bay, Oshkosh, Fond Du Lac, Madison, Milwaukee, and all the other areas surrounding Wisconsin.  You can mail your drive to us, send it via Fedex, or drop it off by appointment too.

TechRx can also electronically transfer recovered thumb drive data back to you.  Electronic transfer saves you time and money on thumb drive repairs. With TechRx, Inc. you will have direct access to the technician working on your project and receive timely updates on the repair status.

What types of flash problems are you unable to resolve?

  • Drives that are highly encrypted due to the nature of the device
  • Memory chips that are physically damaged, or partially damaged – for example, an interleaved chip with a bad CE.
  • Electrically damaged drives

If you have an urgent thumb drive recovery need, please call 920.884.1195 or email .

*Names respective of their trademark holders.