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TechRx Inc. located near Green Bay WI.  I’m Jason Davies – Business is personal, so my website should be too. My office is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I am a Microsoft certified professional (MCP) and I am A+ certified (2001, 2009). I enjoy a variety of other certifications and continuing credits which enables me to demonstrate technical prowess. I absolutely disapprove of complicated technology answers and that is why I operate my own company. Often, technicians and technology companies simply throw confusing  technical terms at you to elicit what I call the “fear factor effect.” The problem is that fear works and people often believe wrong is right to justify a decision.  TechRx, Inc. will get you past that if want to change.

The fear-factor language annoys me and I realize how frustrating it is when  you ask a simple question and get a complicated answer. I also believe valuable information deserves a premium price. I am certainly not the lowest priced guy in town, but I deliver exactly what I promise. Consequently, if price is the only reason you choose a technology company, TechRx Inc. may not be right fit for what you are seeking. If you want a genius that can explain every detail in terms you can understand, TechRx Inc. is the answer. Technology problems happen for a reason; computers are precise devices, and not random. I understand and know why particular problems occur, that is why my expertise is valuable.

While you read more about me and TechRx Inc. please take time to learn rather than just read for content.  When you hire me, I will ensure each person enjoys an individualized experience, custom weaved towards their ability and skill set. I am quoted as being calm and reassuring  and that means some articles are written specifically to the novice, while other articles may be to the level of an engineer. My hope is that by starting out with the basics and learning, you will gain useful insight. I also hope you will use those experiences to understand my more difficult material. Do you not understand a particular question? Please ask me and I will do my best to answer your emails.

Hard drive recovery

Do you need immediate help with hard drive recovery? You can click here to email me your request. TechRx Inc is a professional data recovery company. I recover data, digital photos,digital music, thumb drives, usb drives, and most importantly, memories. Learn more about TechRx data recovery services.  I take care of all types of hard drive recovery cases. These include flood damaged drives, or dropped hard drives. TechRx has a class-100 ISO-5 clean area. If you are shopping around for data recovery that is fine. TechRx, Inc. offers data recovery to those who are ready to get the job done. I think all of our competition will talk about clean rooms, and ISO standards. I do receive many calls asking if my clean room is ISO-5 certified. The answer is if you need to ask this question, we may not be a fit for you. We certainly do have the stickers to prove the clean area is Class 100 (or what ISO-5 defines as Class 100). However, our job is to help you get your data back without wasting time. At TechRx, Inc. we promise to be real. If your drive was put in a freezer, I promise we will not belittle you. Often, people read things on the internet and take action. This outcome can lead to problems and result in making a bad situation worse.  I hope to catch your business before that happens.

Technology Consulting

Check out my blog right now. Tons of great articles that will help you learn. TechRx, Inc. is available to help you improve your business. Should you have an office that needs an intervention, I’m here to help.  I offer unique perspective and can highlight areas that need improvement.

Cloud based wireless network solutions

Does your existing wireless network have problems? Many businesses have wireless connectivity but are not sure how to resolve constant issues with wireless devices. TechRx Inc has spectrum analysis tools to determine proper placement of wireless access points. TechRx Inc., can assess your building for necessary wireless coverage, and help you determine how your wireless network could run better.

TechRx Inc. eliminates the  guesswork for wireless equipment placement and can even help you find out what is causing potential network interference. Need to implement iPads in your business operations? TechRx is able to help you design an iPad friendly wireless network that will deliver dependability and performance.

Solutions outside the box

TechRx provides computer repair solutions outside the box. Previous computer repair green bay experience turned frustrating or bad?  Hate waiting in line; only to wait for weeks to get your computer back, and then find the issue not resolved? I am tired of that too, and that is why TechRx, Inc. won’t make you wait.  I am A+ and MCP Certified and have over 15 years of experience in the technology industry. From multi-million dollar corporate healthcare systems, to the most simple hard drive replacement – TechRx, Inc. has the experience to quickly and effectively resolve YOUR technology issues.

TechRx provides custom computer systems,  computer repair, data recovery, laptop screen replacementprinter repair, or even support your CNC mill.  Please have a look around, if something seems interesting – click on it.  If you have questions, please call. Do you have an opinion, idea, or constructive resources, please add it to our blog. Did I mention that I am the only data recovery professional engineer in Green Bay, WI? ComputerRepairGreenBay.net

Please take some time to look around and learn more about what TechRx does. TechRx is a unique and diverse company with many features. Before you consider another technical company, learn about how TechRx can help you ameliorate any technology issues that could arise.  Make sure you look past getting a quote, get a qualified expert.  When you consult an expert like TechRx Inc., you guarantee the problem will be resolved without excuses.

New to Green Bay, WI? Be sure to check out a great resource, Green Bay New Comers.

TechRx provides corporate Avast antivirus solutions.

If you need to find antivirus products; TechRx, Inc. is a local reseller of Avast. You can find out more information by clicking this link to Avast Website or simply clicking on the Image below. Do you have corporate antivirus needs? TechRx, Inc. can help you select the perfect package utilizing Avast products. Help prevent costly data recovery issues by using antivirus software from Avast.

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