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by Jason Davies on August 30, 2011

TechRx, Inc. is different from other technology companies due to our experience with health informatics. TechRx, Inc. offers specialized ability to work within the clinical and hospital environments.  TechRx, Inc. can communicate effectively with physicians and help them to gain the information they need without distracting from their clinical responsibilities.

TechRx, Inc. has years of experience with Citrix and printing issues. TechRx, Inc. can resolve your random printing problems with ease.
Often, Citrix is implemented without the proper drivers, and necessary experience. This lack of experience results in many providers eaving their clinical clients frustrated. The job of a clinician is perform medical duties, not restart printer spoolers. TechRx, Inc. understands physicians, and that is why many doctors use TechRx, Inc. to support their practice.

Does your clinic has global help from an existing hospital technology group?  TechRx, Inc. is a mediator too. Sometimes, an outside
view is necessary to find the hidden clue, or answer for a particular problem.  When clinics want to implement specialized software, TechRx, Inc. can be there to assist with implementation. Our ability to relate, interrelate, and collaborate makes TechRx, Inc. an effective technology partner to have.  We can work with hospital technology staff to ensure your particular need is addressed. This saves your clinic time and money.

Increase productivity and decrease risk. Federal EMR electronic medical records mandate for 2014 / 2015 deadline. Many clinics have already converted, but many still need to implement a solution, test it, and convert – quickly. TechRx, Inc. has experience with EMR dating back to 2003. More recent legislation underlines a new initiative; the goal of this is to streamline and standardize the way records are stored, and retrieved. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act or the ARRA.

Physicians who comply with ARRA, may be offered certain benefits as a result. Particularly, interesting are the benefits to Chiropractors who convert to EMR.  They will receive increased value from Medicare for a period after their conversion into “meaningful use.” Basically, this means once the software is implemented, and utilized in a daily practice; incentives are then tiered for the provider for a period of time.

TechRx, Inc. can help you implement, research, and formulate goals for 2014. Keeping in mind in 2015, the cost of not complying will start to cost you. The increase in penalty for 2015 is 1%, and penalties may increase upwards of 5% for years thereafter.  Now, is the time to align with TechRx, Inc. to help minimize the risk to your practice. Trust a proven professional who has experience in the medical industry.

Could you imagine spending money on a software program thinking your clinic was now HIPAA compliant when in reality, your software vendor did not provide a certified EMR product? TechRx, Inc. is your answer for assistance that will make a difference. 920.884.1195

To learn more, please see the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology

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