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July 2011

Histamine Upregulates Keratinocyte MMP-9 Production via the Histamine H1 Receptor

July 31, 2011

I thought this would be an interesting report to share. Obviously, it geared towards the medical community, but this information does not appear to be well known. Basically for anyone reading this, Histamine is a neurotransmitter, r, a chemical messenger.  It is responsible for many things that happen in both the skin, brain, and […]

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Onsite Computer Repair Green Bay

July 23, 2011

TechRx, Inc. will come to you and fix your computer problem. This way, you do not need to carry your computer into a store for computer repair. Imagine, a certified technician coming to you and helping with your technology issue! Do you want to drag your computer somewhere and leave it there for weeks on end? […]

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Technology Service Contracts

July 21, 2011

A Technology service contract is a necessary evil, but should you prepay for services in the future? In this market, many companies are seeking innovative ways to save money. Conversely, technology companies may be looking for unique ways to generate money, but is the customer always first priority? Have you ever retained a lawyer? Perhaps […]

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TechRx Wisconsin Data Recovery – Data Recovery

July 9, 2011

Summer in Wisconsin can bring interesting weather and when you hear your hard drive clicking, you are probably going to need a service called data recovery. Unlike other companies that say they do data recovery in Wisconsin, TechRx Inc. is prolific and does physical and logical repair. Many computer repair companies say data recovery but […]

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Green Bay Weather and Data Recovery

July 8, 2011

TechRx, Inc. is certainly enjoying the weather in Green Bay, WI this time of year. Sunny days filled with blue skies and warm temperatures. The only downside has been the need to user our generator several times this year. The East side of Green Bay has experienced a number of power outages near the University […]

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Computer Infected with a virus? How to tell.

July 4, 2011

How do I know if my computer has a virus? Often, it is difficult to tell if your computer is infected with a virus or a more serious hardware problem. However, the following list of symptoms may help you better gauge what is wrong with your PC. Symptoms: A Slow Computer: Yes, a virus may […]

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