file recovery vs. data recovery

by Jason Davies on December 5, 2010

File recovery is the term used when you accidently erase or delete a file from your system. Often, people may have accidents with their computers that cause certain files to vanish. I help people who loose photos, pictures, or files from their computer due to accidents.
If you accidently delete a file from your computer, it may still be able to be recovered. What you need to do is immediately turn off your computer and call TechRx. Our onsite forensic tools will help you recover data off your computer while you wait! We will come to you, use our special tools, and find the file or files you are missing.
TechRx, Inc. provides file recovery at an economical price in Green Bay, WI. TechRx is a professional data recovery company. Do not put your important data in the hands of amateurs. If you are looking or data recovery in Green Bay, make sure the name says TechRx, Inc.

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