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December 2010

Choosing a desktop computer: The overlooked questions

December 26, 2010

When looking for a new desktop computer, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the variety of choices. However, using a simple guideline and knowing what to look for prior to going to a big box store can save you money and more importantly, frustration.  This article will help you learn what questions you need […]

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Christmas at TechRx Green Bay

December 19, 2010

I want to wish all our website visitors a Merry Christmas! This time of year, Green Bay Wisconsin is covered in a lot of snow! No matter where you are, know that we appreciate you taking the time to visit us!   I saw this great piece of “snow work” in our neighborhood, so I thought […]

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bad capacitor motherboard replacement

December 15, 2010

Suffering a motherboard problem due to bad capacitors? TechRx, Inc. has a wide range of capacitors for many motherboards and can help you get extra life out of your existing technology. Rubycon, Samxon, etc. Bad caps can happen, but it doesn’t mean the end to your computer. Contact TechRx, Inc. if you need help.

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Martin Yale Script Stroyer

December 12, 2010

TechRx is proud to announce that we sell the UC5500 a HIPAA compliant pharmacy shredder. Conforms to HIPAA guidelines for patient information destruction  Destroys plastic bottles, lids, adhesive labels and all paper containing patient information – Reduces risk of identity theft Manufactured specifically for pharmaceutical and medical applications A stand alone unit designed to fit […]

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Oh! What a clandestine virus

December 9, 2010

This was a unique week involving computer repair in Green Bay. I acquired new business clients this week due to a common mistake of the competition. The problem was relative to virus removal specifically, and caused a great headache for many people. As a result, it caused a handful of people to jump ship. A […]

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file recovery vs. data recovery

December 5, 2010

File recovery is the term used when you accidently erase or delete a file from your system. Often, people may have accidents with their computers that cause certain files to vanish. I help people who loose photos, pictures, or files from their computer due to accidents. If you accidently delete a file from your computer, […]

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