Accidental format hard drive

by Jason Davies on October 14, 2010

ACCIDENTAL formatted or deleted files

When your external drive has an unfortunate accident or deleted file, your data can be harmed. Accidental deletions are

Accidental Delete

Accidental Deleted File

 common when people try to use their external drives improperly. If you unplugged your hard drive before properly shutting it down your data could be lost. When you unplug your drive improperly it can cause the file system to delete your files. Deleted files are minor because they are logical issues. Logical issues happen when the file system cannot properly see the files that hold your data. If you accidently format your hard drive, data recovery is possible. Formatting only wipes the index of the drive and not the actual files. This is good if you need to recover from a format.
The largest issue happens when you take your drive to a computer repair shop in Wisconsin that does not have experience in data recovery. These computer shops claim they can recover your data from accidental formatting but do more damage by writing to the drive. It is important to choose TechRx, Inc. a professional data recovery company. We will not cause further damage to your hard drive and we are experts at recovering from accidental formats. External drive formats, and internal drive formats. Even if you accidently unplugged your usb drive, or your external usb connection came loose, we can fix it. Contact us at the email listed on our contact page or simply give us a call.

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