Big Problem – Little Problem – Interesting Result

by Jason Davies on September 10, 2010

When does a little problem become a big issue? The reason I chose this topic is due to the increased tolerance I find in the technology and business world. It may seem odd that an insider has observed over use of ego and perceived arrogance, but how far should it go?

As a technology professional I believe I should be highly trained, well paid, and respected as long as I respect those I am working with.  However, when I speak with other computer professionals I feel that they may be thinking on a narrow road, or have difficulty feeling confident in their approach. As a result, this acts as a catalyst for a “he said, she said” discussion.

At a resent consulting appointment, I mentioned to the I.T director that, “I may have a solution to the long term problem…”I received a response of, “well, as soon as x,y,z resolves this unrelated issue that x,y,z issues should be fixed.” It was not resolved, and I took this a bit further and mentioned it to upper management at a weekly meeting. I asked about their “little issue.” Then, I received a confused look.

This issue was allowed to continue for nearly a year because of expanded tolerance.  Management stated they expect “employees” to call in sick now and again. The feeling is that [it is okay for technology to fail once and awhile. (It does not impact business, that much)] The end result was a discussion that outlined how this “little issue” was the result of an I.T department that did not take ownership of an issue. Then, this translated to the supervisor of the I.T department who was also tolerant. The result:  The problem directly affected the way the management was perceived by other staff members.

What started out as a little issue, continued until it went full circle. The issue turned into a personnel leadership problem. Employees were less responsive because they understood management would tolerate “x amount of” behavior. Imagine how you would feel if your organization allowed a little problem to turn into a reason for your employees to work less? Can you put a price on the issue? [ Think of “sick days”  or “personal days” or other employee benefits that may end up costing you because of a simple computer problem].

TechRx, Inc. was formed to think “outside the box.” I am Jason Davies, president of TechRx and I would be glad to help you evaluate issues you may not think of. 920.884.1195. Think you don’t need me? The first appointment is free – why turn down something free?

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