Hitachi deskstar and travelstar crash recovery

by Jason Davies on July 25, 2010

Hitachi makes the deskstar and travelstar for use in residential type applications and small business. These drives sometimes crash. Fortunately, TechRx, Inc. in Green Bay can help you recover your crashed hard drive and recover data that you lost.Data Recovery

Symptoms can include clicking, knocking, or weird beeping. If you hear these types of problems – stop using your crashed drive. Do not try to recover data yourself. Do not use software to recover the data. Contact TechRx Inc. we offer free estimates (drives must be shipped to us to estimate.)

Not using your drive increases the change you can save your sensitive data. The reason why you should not try recovery software is that you can over-write data on the drive. This would make it very difficult to recover. With our free estimates there is no reason to try doing data recovery on your own.

The other reason why you should not continue to use your crashed hard drive is internal damage. If the hard drive pre-amp is dead, it can cause damage to the printed circuit board (pcb) leading to expensive repairs.

I hope this information helps you and your Hitachi Deskstar or Travelstar not have further problems. TechRx Inc has the special hardware required to perform complicated work on Hitachi hard drives. TechRx Inc has a class-100 clean room. Click Here to contact us about your free estimate.

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